Supporting the vulnerable

Treasure In clay International will run educational programs to rehabilitate widows, widowers, orphans, abandoned children, less privileged, disabled and elderly residents regardless of the ethnic background within Salford community and Greater Manchester. We will run kitchens that feed the vulnerable and supply them with basic needs.

Skills Development programmes

We will also empower the less privileged young and adults with skills acquisition programmes that can guarantee them long term employment. (English, computer, baking, cooking, make up courses)

Feeding the homeless

We will run mobile kitchens according to how and when we source funding from well-wishers.

Environmental care

We will create awareness and provide support to environmental protection and preservation so together we can live in an eco-friendly environment.
We can also run cleaning operations within Manchester area cleaning Parks and public places with other members and volunteers.

Community building

We will run various social outdoor events such as (barbecue day, family fun day, fund raising). The aim is to bring together people of different ethnicity, religious background and age

Our Vision

Reducing poverty in Salford and Greater Manchester

Facilitating the integration of migrants within Salford and Greater Manchester.

Upskilling people in the community

Funding Partners


Community Engagement Manager

Mrs Huguette Mbela Hiza

Chair person

Mrs Daisy Obisan

Project Consultant

Mr Pata Mbela Hiza

Supporting Team Lead

Mrs Rachida Wanet Alynda

Public relation

Joyce Ouenadio

Marketing and Media

Lanre Oladejo

Youth outreach lead

Dani Fonkou

Youth outreach worker

Christophe Obisan