Greatness is not by chance, neither is any achievement by mistake. Every result oriented life has always anchored around perceived vision, great dedication to purpose, a place to be established and a people to relate with. 

At The Treasure in Clay International aka The Treasure House, we have a mandate to raise a people of great achievement that will be heavenly bound and earthly useful through the word of God (2 Corinthians 4:7)

At TTICI we are raising a people who will not only feel comfortable with the ordinary spiritually, mentally and physically but challenge themselves from one level of God’s grace on to another, building the reality of tomorrow from now.

We are raising an ethnically diverse people from all nation with love at the heart of every communication.

We are raising a people who will not just labour for heaven but work together with all in strong sense of community combined with our gifts and talent to make our community a better place.

We are a people.
We are a church.
We are a family.
We are part of our immediate community.
We are The Treasure in Clay International.

I pray your visit to this website will spark greatness in your life.
Please do feel free to come and have live experience at any of our services or programme.

I hope to see you soon.

Raising a people of great achievement who are heavenly bound and earthly useful through the gospel.
Raising a relational church that is attractive to non-religious persons of different ages, stages and cultures, creating environment for growth in all area of life through various platform of empowerment with a strong sense of community service.
Trinity – We believe in the trinity. (God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit)
Purpose – We believe God has got a purpose for every individual.
Goal – To make heaven, which includes experiencing heaven on earth.
Duty – To evangelise the reality of Gods love for humanity through the gospel and to love one another selflessly.
Worship – Our lives should be a true worship to God and service to humanity through community service.

Our Leaders


Pastor Solomon Obisan


Pastor Mrs Daisy Obisan


Pastor Ola-Daniel Ajayi

Assistant Pastor

Noura Sadiq

Church Secretary

Abdulrasaq Sadiq

Church Elder