Be Led by the Holy Spirit
June 22, 2016
The Blood of the Lamb
June 22, 2016

Just after the first of the year I had an e-mail exchange across the country with an old friend—a person who had been once my boss, always a mentor, and still an encouraging influence.* In that e-mail he shared with me his life goals, something he updates yearly.

At the top of his list was a detailed paragraph on love. It was beautiful. He asked me to keep it confidential, personal as it was, but I told him it was worth publishing in every newspaper nationwide. It would help a lot of people.

I was reminded of the talk I’d recently given on the same topic. I don’t get asked to speak that often these days, but when a local church suddenly had a need they called me and I stepped in. They video taped it. So, as we were on the same topic, I shared the link to the sermon with my friend. This is what he wrote back:

Hyatt, today I listened to your message on Love. I see why you said we are thinking alike. I identified with it very much, except you have taken it to a new level of understanding.

You have developed this in a most practical way. I am moved even more than ever that love is what it is all about. The message is the best thing I have heard on this passage since Henry Drummond’s little treatise on it I read 60 years ago while in college.

He planted the seeds that love is the “summa bono,” a truth that laid dormant in my soul for too many years but began to spring to life as I got older and even may show some signs of bearing fruit these many years later.

I love the way you presented it, your style, vintage Hyatt. I love it.

I will listen to this again and again and then again because it is a truth I want to grow deep in.

You need to keep talking, writing, living it out as you are doing and sharing it with the rest of us.

There it is. Like I said, an encouraging friend. We should all have one like that.

Or be one.

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